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For 2022 IGC will be preforming Back To The 80's!!

In good company preformed this show many years ago and we wanted to revisit it this year. With new cast members, dances and parents, IGC is very excited to see this musical shine again in a newer light.

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Welcome to IGC 2.0

Our goal is to provide fun filled activities for children through participation in theatre and entertainment and to help them gain self-confidence in the process.


We are parents, grandparents, friends and neighbors of the community of Western New York, anyone who wants to participate will be welcome. All ages from babies to adults can participate at some level. The key is to simply be involved.


We have some people who act, some who dance or sing, others who only work on sets or costumes. There is a place for everyone so don’t be shy about your abilities.

In Good Company's 2020 Covid Concert:

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