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Scheduling information and practice dates

9am-4pm Daily from JULY 25-29.

682 River Road North Tonawanda, NY 14120


SNEAKERS for everyone for all rehearsals and shows unless told otherwise.

Bring lots of water, your bagged (or little cooler) lunch.  No Fridge available – so plan accordingly.

Bring Sunscreen/umbrella and anything else you will need for the day. 


Our Students will need “school supplies” notebooks, binders, pens, exc…

Supplies We are looking for:

Please do not send in anything that expensive or that you’d be worried about

we try to be careful but please keep in mind we are outside and around many children.


Three Election Voting Boxes – can be cardboard – big enough for audience to see the names written on them: Each one has one name on it.

  1. Micheal

  2. Feargal

  3. Corey


One Old BMX Bike- Nicer new bigger bike


2 guitars – do not need to be real or play- durable enough not to get broken during rehearsals and shows.


2 Scottish type kilts- maybe a plaid uniform skirt might work. 


Lockers- school type to put notes in- don’t have to be metal- just durable enough to get through rehearsals and shows.


One Rubik’s Cube

Two Light Sabers


Think 80’s!!!! Bright Colors, Big Hair, Blue Eyeshadow!!

School Colors Blue and White.


Cheerleaders wear white T-shirt and Blue shorts.  Also have an 80’s fun outfit.


Scholars wear 80’s style with a smart fun “nerdy’ twist, fun plaids, suspenders, be creative!  Also have a classic fun 80’s outfit.

Valley girls – over the top 80’s fun- lace fingerless gloves, super bright colors.


EVERYONE goes to prom for end of show. Feel free to go for the craziest, puffy shoulders, bright colors/ patterns. Thrift stores are a GREAT option.

IGC 2022 Cast List

(Please Read First)

  • There are MANY, MANY, MANY speaking and singing solos to be distributed during rehearsal week.


  • Everyone who auditioned is in this years’ summer show. If your name is missing or spelled incorrectly- please let us know so we can correct it immediately.


Corey                   Max Riso

Tiffany                  Isabella Teter

Michael                Andrew Giandomenico

Feargal                Kellen O’Connor

Laura                    Paige Benn

Debbie                 Brooke Price

Eileen                    Georgia Zorich

Billy                        Drew Heltz

Cyndi                    Emmy Bara

Mel                        Claire Firzak

Kim                        Kari Mroziak

Kelly                       Calie Hubert

Ally                         Sarah Mroziak

Mr. Cocker            John Tober

Ms. Brannigan     Cailee Cinquino


Scholars – Team Feargal:

Emma Hartwick

Kit Lebediker

Asher Stamoglis

Elizabeth Gefell

Serenity Hambleton

Brooklyn Benns  

Kaitlyn Biddlecomb                           


Cheerleaders – Team Michael:

Jordan Swanson

Molly Firzak

Mai Ushio

Sydney Torchia

Sophia Haley

Jeanette Haley

Lily Campbell


Valley Girls:

Juliette Cleary

Natalie Liszka

Karissa Curry

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